Full Web API Reference Application

This sample web application shows how to call Scribe APIs with javascript to create an Organization, and provision Connections and Solutions for it. For more examples, go to our Developer Portal at https://dev.scribesoft.com or access our GitLab Library, which contains a simpler version of this sample, API 101 Solution Monitoring Reference Application.

If you have not already signed up for a trial on the Scribe Platform Sandbox, go to https://dev.scribesoft.com and select Getting Started -> Create Trial to start your account and try this simple Web API application first hand.

The Welcome Email from ScribeNerd contains the values you need for the fields shown below. Provide those values and follow each step in order . Use your browser's developer tools to see the live API calls. A download of the sample code can be found in our GitLab Library for reuse in your own application. At Scribe, we make it easy.

You've Got This!

User Name:  Password:  Parent Org:  Template Child Org:  Template Solution ID: 

Step 1 - When the trial account was created, a Template Organization was automatically added. This lists existing child orgs under your parent org id: 

Step 2 - Create an Organization by entering a name, the same step you used when adding a customer to your application. During this step Scribe installs sample Connectors and provisions a Cloud Agent to run the integration.


Step 3 - Select a Solution Template to activate in the new Organization created in Step 2. The Solutions Template list comes from the Child Template Organization created during the trial provisioning process.

Step 4 - Create Connections and then Test

Step 5 - Make a copy (clone) of the Solution Template. In the Configure tab you can modify this copy.

Step 6 - Prepare / Compile the Solution and monitor the status. Retry this step if you receive a message about "Agent may be discovering the connectors". This can sometimes take up to 30 seconds to complete.

Step 7 - Final step: Here you can start the Solution and monitor the status. At any point you can login to the UI at https://app-sandbox.scribesoft.com/ to see what the Web API just enabled. Continue to the next Tab to see an example of how specific field mappings for the Solution you just cloned can be configured. This is just a small example of all that is possible.

Step 1 - Select a Child Org  

Step 2 - Select a Solution

Step 3 - Select a Map

Step 4 - Edit Field Mapping  

Step 5 - Validate Field Mapping


Step 6 - Save Field Mapping

Step 1 - Select a Child Org  

Step 2 - Select a Solution

Step 3 - Start the Solution and/or monitor the status

Step 4 - Show Solution History

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