On-Premise Agent Requirements

Note: If your Agent is running in a virtual machine and you revert to an earlier snapshot or if it is running on a computer and you revert to an earlier image, you must reinstall the Agent. If you do not reinstall, the Agent and the cloud are out of sync, causing incorrect data to display in Execution History.

If your Agent is running in a virtual machine and you clone that virtual machine, an exact duplicate of the Agent is generated with the same internal ID. This can cause incorrect data to display in TIBCO Scribe® Online because the Cloud cannot distinguish between the two Agents. On the original virtual machine, shut down the Agent before cloning. In the new virtual machine, install a new Agent, move your Solutions to that Agent, and then delete the copied Agent.

Operating Systems

On-Premise Agents are supported on computers running the operating systems supported by Microsoft .NET Framework:

Note: TIBCO recommends installing all Windows updates before you begin installing an Agent.

When setting up your production environment, TIBCO recommends that you install Agents in a Windows Server environment.

The following Microsoft® components are also required: 

Note: If Microsoft .NET Framework or WIF are not already installed, you are prompted to install them before you can install the TIBCO Scribe® Online Agent. However, the configuration process run more smoothly if these applications are already available.

If your site will be using the Dynamics CRM Connector, you may need to enable WIF 3.5.

To Enable WIF:

  1. Open the Turn Windows features on or off dialog box.
  2. Scroll to and select the checkbox for Windows Identity Foundation 3.5.
  3. Select OK.
  4. Windows will turn on WIF 3.5.


Make sure that all of the following TCP ports are open. If needed, talk to your IT Administrator:

See the Check Ports In Agent Environment Knowledge Base article for instructions on determining whether or not the appropriate ports can be accessed by the Agent.

Agent Performance

TIBCO Scribe® Online On-Premise Agent performance is influenced by many factors. TIBCO Agents process Solutions containing multiple Maps that access data from many source and target datastores. Data sets being integrated could be very large, in the millions of records, or smaller, in the thousands of records. Solutions can be run manually, on a schedule, or be triggered by an external event, therefore, some Solutions may attempt to run simultaneously. The speed of the API for those datastores influences the performance of any given Map. In addition, you must consider the capacity of the server where the Agent is installed along with other software competing for resources on that server. This complex list of factors varies from customer to customer making it difficult to recommend a one-size-fits-all installation option. Some options for better performance include:

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