statecode And statuscode

Several adapter objects have common fields. Some objects have a statecode field and a statuscode field. In the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user interface, these relate to Status and Status Reason:

Review the Field Properties dialog box in the Workbench for a complete list of allowed values for any of the three fields described above. If the statuscode values are customized, the custom values are shown.

  • Valid statuscodes for an object are shown in the picklists associated with the statuscode field.

    With Dynamics 365, when a sales order is in a canceled state, it is considered read-only and can only be updated by a user that is an integration user. For more information, see Using Integration Mode.
  • Any account or customer that is set to inactive or closed cannot be updated.
  • Version 5.5.5 and higher of the Dynamics 365 adapter, require statecode to be mapped when statuscode is mapped.

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