Connecting to XML

When you select XML as the data source in the Connection Manager, the XML Connection Wizard asks you whether this connection will be used as a source or a target connection.

To connect to XML

  1. If the Add a Connection dialog box dialog box is not open:
    1. In the Workbench, click View > Connections.
    2. Click New.
  2. Under Data Sources, double-click XML. The XML Component Connection Wizard Welcome page appears.
  3. Click Next. The Select the connection usage page appears.
  4. Specify how you are using this connection:

Note: Configuring a source or target document does not require an XML schema. You can use an XML document to provide the relationships and field names.

For Insight 7.5 or later, Scribe includes XML namespace prefixes as part of the field name by default. If you are upgrading a DTS file from a previous version of Insight, modify the connection setting to select Include Namespace Prefixes for this connection.

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