Creating An XML Source Connection

After you select Use as a Source in the XML Connection Wizard, the XML Source Connection Wizard appears when click Next.

To add an XML source connection

  1. If the XML Source Connection Wizard is not open:
    1. In the Workbench, click View > Connections and click New.
    2. Under Data Sources, double-click XML. The XML Component Connection Wizard Welcome page appears.
    3. Click Next. The Select the connection usage page appears.
    4. Select Use as a Source and click Next. The Select the Source connection method screen appears.
  2. Select the type of connection you need and click Next:
  3. In the wizard, enter the data required for the type of connection you select. When you are done, click Finish. The wizard closes and the Connection Settings dialog box appears.
  4. Modify any settings:
  5. When you finish making changes to the connection settings, click OK. You return to the Connection Manager. After you select the XML data object while configuring the source, the XML Component Source Settings dialog box appears.

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