Source HTTP Connection

Using the XML Component, you can access documents across the Web using HTTP. This option requires you to browse for a schema file, specify a source document, or both.

To configure an HTTP connection

  1. Typically, define a source document that references the schema that you want to use. Connect to this document by specifying a valid Web address that points to the XML document. In the Source Document URL text box, type the address of the Web page to which you want to connect. For example:

    In this scenario, the Schema file or URL text box defaults to the same file. If you prefer to browse for or specify a schema file, the source document that you also select must conform to the schema file's constraints.

    Note: You must begin each URL address with "http://".

  2. Specify whether to use Authentication for the connection.
  3. Type the User Name and Password if applicable, then click Next to finish the wizard. The final wizard window appears, summarizing your selections.
  4. Click Back to change the selections, or click Finish to close the wizard.

The Workbench's Configure Source XML Component dialog box opens next, allowing you to configure the source side of your data translation specification ( DTS) files (*.dts), which load data from a source database to a target database.

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