Creating An XML Target Connection

  1. If the XML Source Connection Wizard is not open:
    1. In the Workbench, click View > Connections and click Add.
    2. Under Data Sources, double-click XML. The XML Component Connection Wizard Welcome page appears.
    3. Click Next. The Select the connection usage page appears.
    4. Select Use as a Source and click Next. The Select the Source connection method screen appears.
  2. Select Use as a Target and click Next. The Select the Target connection method screen appears.
  3. Select one of the following XML connection types and click Next:
  4. Use the wizard to enter the data required for the type of connection you select. When you are done, click Finish to save your connection and close the wizard. 

Note: For Insight 7.5 or later, XML namespace prefixes are included as part of the field name by default. If you are upgrading a DTS file from a previous version of Insight, you will need to modify the connection setting to select Include Namespace Prefixes for this connection.

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