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In TIBCO Scribe® Online, Net Change refers to new and updated records in a source datastore. Use the Process only records created or updated since last run option on the Query Block Net Change tab to process only records that have changed based on a field you select to track the last modified date. Last modified date indicates the last time this record was changed in the Source datastore. When the Process only records created or updated since last run option is enabled, records are returned in ascending order. See Most Recent Record Processed.

Note: TIBCO Scribe® Online Migration Services (MS) Solutions do not support the most recent record processed feature.

When a datetime is configured on the Query Block on the Block Properties Net Change Tab to query for new and updated records, that configuration is treated as an additional filter. The Net Change datetime filter is applied as an AND after any other filters specified on the Block Properties Filter Tab. TIBCO Scribe® Online builds a query combining both the Net Change filter and the filters on the Filter tab. See Net Change And Filters for an example.

Some Connectors for TIBCO Scribe® Online only support one filter. For those Connectors you can use either Net Change or one filter on the Filter tab, not both.

Note: The Net Change date is ignored when previewing data on the Preview tab. Filters on the Block Properties Filters tab are used to filter the data on the Preview tab.

To configure Net Change:

  1. Open the Query Block.
  2. Select the Net Change tab.
  3. Select Process only records created or updated since last run.
  4. Select a datetime field from the drop-down list.

    Note: The drop-down list displays only datetime fields. Make sure to select a field that is updated by the source system when changes are made in the source data.

    When the Map runs, TIBCO Scribe® Online compares the datetime value in the selected field to the value in the Most Recent Record Processed field for each record. Only those records with a later date, indicating that they have changed since the last run, are processed.

  5. If you need to process older records, select Edit to change the Most recent record processed date to another date or Clear to remove the date.

    Note: Most recent record processed date and time information is not displayed in your web browser’s local time zone. It displays DateTime values in your source datastore, which often uses UTC (GMT) standard time.

    The Most recent record processed value is the latest datetime value found in the user specified datetime field of a processed source record. It is not the datetime of the last time the Solution ran. TIBCO Scribe® Online stores the latest datetime value for use the next time the Map runs.

    A source record triggers an update to the Most recent record processed date, if it was used as the source in an operation Block that modifies records in the target, including: Create, Delete, Update, Update/Insert, or Upsert.

    A source record does not trigger an update to the Most recent record processed date, if:

    • The operation does not write any information from the source record into the target system.
    • It was used by an operation Block that does not modify the target, such as Fetch or Lookup.

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