Block Properties Filter Tab

For the Query Block and the Fetch Block, you can select one or more filters to narrow the data you retrieve from your Source Connection. See the examples below in Filtering Notes.

When a datetime is configured on the Query Block on the Block Properties Net Change Tab to query for new and updated records, that configuration is treated as an additional filter. The Net Change datetime filter is applied as an AND after any other filters specified on the Block Properties Filter Tab. TIBCO Scribe® Online builds a query combining both the Net Change filter and the filters on the Filter tab. See Net Change And Filters for an example.

Some Connectors for TIBCO Scribe® Online only support one filter. For those Connectors you can use either Net Change or one filter on the Filter tab, not both.

Note: The Net Change date is ignored when previewing data on the Preview tab. Filters on the Block Properties Filters tab are used to filter the data on the Preview tab.

Note: Filtering is not supported for the Text Source Connector.

Create A Filter

  1. Navigate to the Maps section in the Solution Edit page.
  2. Select Create Integration Map from the Menu to display the Create Map dialog.
  3. Begin building your Map. When you add either a Query or a Fetch Block, select the Block and select General on the Properties panel. The Properties dialog displays with the General tab selected.
  4. Select an Entity and on the Filter tab, select Add . A filter row displays.
  5. Select the blank cell under Field to display any fields in the entity that can be used for filtering.
  6. Select the field to filter by from the drop-down list.
  7. Under Operator, select an operation, such as equals or is greater than.
  8. In the Value field type a value or a formula, or select the Formula icon in the Value field to open the Formula Editor. Use the editor to enter a formula, which can include fields, functions, and results from previous operations. TIBCO Scribe® Online uses this value to reduce the records retrieved by this Block.
  9. If needed, select Add again to create another filter.

    After you select Add, the And/Or column displays. Select and or or from the drop-down list to determine how to combine filters.

  10. When you are done, continue defining this Block or select OK to close the Properties dialog and return to the workspace.

Filtering Notes

TIBCO Scribe® Online evaluates filters for If/Else Blocks differently. See If/Else Block for additional information.

Net Change And Filters

The datetime selected on the Query Block Net Change tab is a filter that is always evaluated at the end of the list of filters as an AND. Using the example above, if you added a datetime field of LastModifiedDate with a value of 06/05/2017 09:15:00:00 AM on the Net Change Tab, TIBCO Scribe® Online would process the filters as follows: 



















is greater than

"06/05/2017 09:15:00:00 AM"

The filter settings shown above return records where all of these are true:

Using mathematical notation, this statement can be read as:

((LastName ="Smith" or LastName ="Smythe") and MailingState = "NY" and LastModifiedDate > "06/05/2017 09:15:00:00 AM" )

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