Fetch Block

Use the Fetch Block to process records from an additional data set to reach related data when a relationship is not exposed through the Connector, such as processing sales orders that may have multiple detail lines. See Parent/Child Relationships and Hierarchical Data.

In a Fetch Block you can change the label on the Block, type in a description, include related entities, preview data, and set error handling options. Depending on the operations available for the Connector, Fetch Blocks can be used for any Connection.

Block Properties — General Tab

From the Block Properties General Tab, you can change the Block Label, add a description, and select the entity to use for this operation.

Block Properties — Filter Tab

From the Filter tab, add one or more filtering criteria to limit the types of records processed within the Fetch loop. See Block Properties Filter Tab for more information.

Note: Only the records that meet the filtering criteria display in the Preview tab.

Note: Filtering is not supported for the Text Source Connector.

Block Properties — Include Tab

You may wish to process source data that is related to the selected entity. For example while processing accounts, you may want to retrieve all of the contacts for each account. In this case, you can select related entities on the Include tab to include the data from these entities in this Map. See Block Properties Include Tab — Relational Data or Block Properties Include Tab — Hierarchical Entities.

Block Properties — Preview Tab

Before building your Map, you can preview the first 25 records of your data. When you open the Preview tab, TIBCO Scribe® Online generates, and then displays, the first record to be processed when this Solution runs. See Block Properties Preview Tab.

Note: Displaying the first record may take a few moments.

Important: For the Fetch block, to use the Preview feature, you can only use constant values in the filter. If any filters use formulas or field names, an error similar to the one below results if you click Preview. At run time, the filters are applied correctly.

PreviewQuery failed. :ERROR: Error with Name: PROPERTY 'WaitForRequest.Id', Message: Invalid Field name 'WaitForRequest.Id'.

Block Properties — Error Handling Tab

Use the Error Handling options to enable or disable processing this record when a Block operation encounters a problem. For the Fetch Block, errors can be logged as follows:

See Block Properties Error Handling Tab for additional information.

Block Properties — Errors And Warnings Tab

If there are any errors or warnings for this Block, the Errors and Warnings tab displays the number of errors or warnings in the tab name. See Block And Map Errors And Warnings.

Once you have corrected the errors, select the Validate button to update the Errors and Warnings tab.

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