Viewing Execution History

TIBCO Scribe® Online logs the activities for every execution of every Solution and displays those activities on the Execution History page for up to 45 days. Execution History can be accessed from within a Solution by scrolling to the bottom of the Solution Edit page or from the menu by selecting Execution History and filtering for the correct Solution.

Note: Filters on the Execution History page default to a Status of All. Set the Status and/or Date Range filters and select Apply to reduce the number of executions displayed. See Execution History Filters.

View Execution History Window

Note: If your Agent is running in a virtual machine and you revert to an earlier snapshot or if it is running on a computer and you revert to an earlier image, you must reinstall the Agent. If you do not reinstall, the Agent and the cloud are out of sync, causing incorrect data to display in Execution History.

If your Agent is running in a virtual machine and you clone that virtual machine, an exact duplicate of the Agent is generated with the same internal ID. This can cause incorrect data to display in TIBCO Scribe® Online because the Cloud cannot distinguish between the two Agents. On the original virtual machine, shut down the Agent before cloning. In the new virtual machine, install a new Agent, move your Solutions to that Agent, and then delete the copied Agent.

Note: If your Organization is using a Connector from the TIBCO Scribe® Online Marketplace, and the Connector is no longer available, an error displays in the Execution History when you run a Solution using this Connector.

Execution History includes the following information.

Option Definition

Refresh — Select Refresh to update the status and record counts for an Event Solution. Displays only for Event Solutions.

Note: Event Solution Execution History does not update automatically.



Time this execution of the Solution began.


Length of time for this execution of the Solution in hours:minutes:seconds.


Number of records processed per second.


Indicates whether this execution of the Solution completed successfully or had errors. Statuses include:

  Fatal Error — Execution stopped once an error was encountered. Select the error to access the Fatal Error Details dialog with the complete error.

  Completed With Errors — Execution completed but there are records with errors. Select the status to display the Execution History Details dialog.

  Completed Successfully — Execution completed with no errors. Select the status to display the View Statistics dialog.

Records Processed

Number of records processed in this execution.

Records Failed

Number of failed records.


Number of failed records that are available for reprocessing.

Info Icon

Error Details

Provides additional details about the error along with the text of the error message.

Gear Menu

Error Details

Open the details page for the selected execution of this Solution.

Reprocess All

If an Integration Solution execution contains any failed records, you can select Reprocess All to reprocess the failed records as described in Managing Failed IS, Event, Or MS Execution History Records..

Note: Replication Solutions do not have the option to reprocess. Correct the errors and run the Solution again. See Managing Failed RS Execution History Records.

Copy Error

Copies the Error Details displayed in the Info Icon for a Solution execution that ends due to a Fatal Error.

View Statistics

Displays duration, records processed, records failed, operation type and action for every Map and entity processed by the Solution execution. See Viewing Execution Statistics.

Export Errors

Export errors for the selected execution to a CSV file. See Exporting The Execution Error List.

Execution History Filters

Configure the filters at the top of the Execution History page and select Apply to locate the Solution and display corresponding executions. Filters include the following options: 

Field Definition


Select a Solution to display corresponding Execution History.

Only Solutions with at least one execution display in the drop-down list. New Solutions that have never run, do not display.


Limits results based on the selected Status.

  All — All executions for the Solution. This is the default setting.

  Fatal Error — Executions with Fatal Errors.

  In Progress — Only an execution that is currently running.

  Record Errors — Executions with Record Errors.

  Fatal / Record Errors — Executions with either Record Errors or Fatal Errors.

  Success — Successful executions.

Date Range

Limits results by the date of execution. Ranges include:


  Since Yesterday — Past 24 hours.

  This Week — Everything since the start of day Sunday.

  This Month — Everything since the 1st of the month.

  Last 30 Days — Everything for the last 30 days, including today.

Date ranges use UTC time.

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