Selecting Source Entities For Replication Solutions

Replication Solutions are used to copy data from one datastore to another without needing to create complex Maps. When configuring a Replication Solution, you must select the source entities to copy to the target datastore. There are three options available on the Solution edit page when configuring a Replication Solution.

Note: If you add custom entities to your source data, or there are changes to source entities, reset metadata for the Connector to reflect those changes in TIBCO Scribe® Online. See Resetting Metadata.

  1. From the Entities section in the Replication Solution, you can select specific entities to replicate from the source.
    • Recommended entities — Replicates the entities that TIBCO recommends. These entities are chosen based on dependencies between entities and criteria such as, whether or not the entity has a Last Modified date. Custom entities are included if they have a Last Modified Date.

      Selecting Recommended entities ensures that you replicate all of the data needed without replicating internal tables and other target-specific data. Refer to the specific Connector Help for a list of recommended entities. See Connections for links to information on each TIBCO Scribe® Online Connector.

    • All entities — Replicates all of the entities from your source data. This ensures that nothing is missed, however, you could be replicating data that is not needed. Custom entities are included.
    • Selected entities — Replicates only the entities you select. Best practice is to select your own entities only if you are very familiar with your data. Custom entities are available for selection.
  2. If you choose Selected entities, use the Select link to access the list of possible entities.
  3. On the Select Entities dialog, adding a check mark next to each entity you want replicated.
  4. Use Select column heading to select or deselect all entities.
  5. When you are done, select OK to return to the Solution edit page and continue editing your Replication Solution.

    Note: If you select Recommended or All entities, the Source Entity table is never displayed. To review all available entities, choose Selected entities and use the Select link to open the list of entities.

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