Resetting Metadata

If you make schema changes to a data source or if TIBCO has released an update to a Connector with support for new entities or fields, you must reset the metadata for that datastore to see the changes in TIBCO Scribe® Online. When TIBCO Scribe® Online resets the metadata, it drops and recreates the schema for the Connection's datastore.

API Limits

Resetting metadata consumes API calls for the datastore you are accessing. If the datastore has a rate limited API, you could exceed those limits when you reset metadata, especially if you have multiple Agents installed. In an environment with many Agents, all Agents attempt to reset their metadata simultaneously, generating multiple API calls through the Connector to the datastore. If the API rate limit is exceed, an error is generated by the API and metadata is not successfully refreshed.

In this scenario, open the Windows Services screen and shutdown all of your Agent services except one. If you have a Cloud Agent, shutdown all of your On-Premise Agents and leave the Cloud Agent running. Reset metadata, and then gradually start your Agent services one at a time to allow each Agent to reset metadata independently.

Reset Metadata

  1. Select a Connection.
  2. Select Reset Metadata from:
    • Connections page — Connection Gear menu for any Connection
    • Connections Dashboard Widget — Connection Gear menu for any Connection
    • Integration Map — Connection Gear menu on the Connections panel

    Note: If using multiple Connections, make sure the Connection you want to reset displays in the Connection panel on the Map Edit page.

  3. The new metadata is retrieved immediately.

Note: Reset the metadata whenever changes have been made to a Connection's schema, especially if the datastore may contain new or custom fields, or entities.

Note: This feature is not supported for the Text Connector. If you have changed the field names in the header row of your text file, see Resetting Metadata For Text Connections for instructions on resetting metadata.

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