TIBCO Scribe® Online Connector For InsideView

The TIBCO Scribe® Online Connector for InsideView can be used to populate Company demographic data in a target datastore based on the company name, contact email, or web site URL.

Connector Specifications

This Connector supports version 1.6 of the InsideView API.


Agent Types

On Premise X
Cloud X

Replication Services


Integration Services

Target X

Migration Services



Integration X
Request-Reply X

Note: This Connector is available from the TIBCO Scribe® Online Marketplace. See Marketplace TIBCO Scribe® Certified Connectors for more information.

Supported Entity

The InsideView Connector supports the following entity. Select the linked entity name for additional information when using that entity in TIBCO Scribe® Online.

Entity Enrich



Setup Considerations

Requirements for this Connector are as follows: 

Selecting An Agent Type For InsideView

Refer to TIBCO Scribe® Online Agents for information on available Agent types and how to select the best Agent for your Solution.

Connecting To InsideView

Note: Best practice is to create Connections with credentials that limit permissions in the target system, following the principle of least privilege. Using Administrator level credentials in a Connection provides Administrator level access to the target system for TIBCO Scribe® Online users. Depending on the entities supported, a TIBCO Scribe® Online user could alter user accounts in the target system.

  1. Select More > Connections from the menu.
  2. From the Connections page select Add to open the Add a New Connection dialog.
  3. Select the Connector from the drop-down list in the Connection Type field, and then enter the following information for this Connection:
    • Name — This can be any meaningful name, up to 25 characters.
    • Alias — An alias for this Connection name. The alias is generated from the Connection name, and can be up to 25 characters. The Connection alias can include letters, numbers, and underscores. Spaces and special characters are not accepted. You can change the alias. For more information, see Connection Alias.
    • Client ID — Client ID of the InsideView API Key. Provided by InsideView when you sign up to use the API.
    • Client Secret — Client Secret of the InsideView API Key. Provided by InsideView when you sign up to use the API.
  4. Select Test to ensure that the Agent can connect to your database. Be sure to test the Connection against all Agents that use this Connection. See Testing Connections.
  5. Select OK to save the Connection.

InsideView Connector As IS/MS Target

The Enrich operation is the only Block available for InsideView. Use this operation to query InsideView for additional company information. Results from the Enrich Block operation are available to subsequent Blocks in the Map, such as Create or Update, and can be used to populate fields in a target datastore.

Use Case

Assume that you are converting leads from Dynamics CRM to opportunities in Marketo, but you don't have email information for your leads. Using an Integration Map, as shown in Figure 1, you can push leads from Dynamics CRM to Marketo and add a contact email address and contact description to each lead from InsideView.

The Dynamics CRM database is the source for the initial Query in the Map. Using the Enrich Block you can query InsideView based on the company name or company URL for each record in the Dynamics CRM database. See Figure 2.

If InsideView does not return any data because the value submitted for the query has no match, you can continue the Create or Update operation without the enrichment data. Use an If/Else Block based on the results of the Enrich Block as follows, see Figure 3

If EnrichedLeadResults records matched = 1, create/update in the datastore with enrichment data, else, create/update in the datastore without enrichment data.

In this scenario when 1 record is matched, data is returned from InsideView and the record inserted or updated in Marketo is enriched with the InsideView information. As each Dynamics CRM record is processed, the Description field is populated with the data returned from InsideView. See Figures 4 and 5. A new record is created in Marketo with the merged data set.

When 0 records match, this indicates that no data was returned from InsideView, and the record is written to Marketo without being enriched.

Figure 1: Integration Map - Enrich Leads

Figure 2: Query InsideView For Dynamics CRM Leads

Figure 3: If/Else Block Configuration

Figure 4: Formula With InsideView Enriched Data

Figure 5: Create Opportunity With Enriched Data

Notes On Standard Entity


Required And Optional Query Parameters

Field Values

Wild Cards

Note: TIBCO recommends that you avoid using wild cards with InsideView query fields.

TIBCO Scribe® Online API Considerations

To create connections with the Scribe Online API, the InsideView Connector requires the following information:

Connector Name


Connector ID


TIBCO Scribe® Online Connection Properties

In addition, this Connector uses the Connection properties shown in the following table.

Note: Connection property names are case-sensitive.

Name Data Type Required Secured

Client Id




Client Secret




More Information

For additional information on this Connector, refer to the Knowledge Base and Discussions in the TIBCO Community.