Result Fields

When processing a record, the operation results from one operation Block, such as Create or Update, can be used within a TIBCO Scribe® Online formula in later Blocks. The results are stored in Result fields, which you can use as you would any other field in Source and Target operation Blocks in your Map.

Use A Result Field From The Source Pane

  1. If Result fields are available, the entity that contains the fields and all of the fields for the previously executed Blocks is available in the Source pane.
  2. To use a Result field in a formula, select the Result entity name to open the entity. The Result fields display in alphabetical order with the other fields in the original entity.
  3. You can use the Result fields as you would any other field.

Use A Result Field From the Formula Editor

  1. From the Edit page of a Block, such as Create, Update, or Delete, open a tab from which you can use the Formula Editor. Any Fields, Matching Criteria, or Lookup Criteria tab provides access to the Formula Editor.
  2. Select the field or value for which you want to use a Results field. Select the Formula icon to open the Formula Editor.
  3. From the Operations category, select the operation whose Result fields you want to use.

    Note: The Operation Results category only displays for Blocks where results from previously executed Blocks are available. The Edit Formula window in the first operation Block after the Query Block never shows an Operation Results category.

  4. From the center Operation Results pane, select the Result field you want to include in the formula. Results fields are:

    As shown in the image above, Result fields display alphabetically in the list of available fields and can be used as you would use any other field. For more information, see Formula Editor.

  5. When you are done, select Validate to test your formula, and then select OK to close the Formula Editor.

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