Using The Filter Dialog

In many TIBCO Scribe® Online pages and tabs, data is displayed in a tabular format. Within many of these tables, the Filter icon () displays in one or more column headings. If this icon is available, you can create a filter for the data in the column. For example, if you filter the column labeled Name on the Fields tab of a Map Block, you can choose to display only the entity fields that start with the word Opportunity.

Note: The options on the Filter dialog vary depending on the data being filtered as shown in the following images.

  1. In the column you want to filter, select the Filter icon in the column heading to display the Filter dialog.
  2. From this dialog, you can generate filter criteria that may include:
    • One of the values from the pull-down list:
      • Is equal to
      • Is not equal to
      • Starts with
      • Contains
      • Does not contain
      • Ends with
    • The value that you want to filter against.
    • A second Operator and value pair and an And/Or selector to allow you to add a second criterion to your filter.
  3. Enter the filter criteria and select Filter. Any data that meets the selected criteria displays.

Note: To see all available data for this table, select the Filter icon again and select Clear.

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