Editing Invalid Links

In the Workbench, invalid links appear on the Data Formulas tab in red, with cell references given as "?n," rather than S4, for example.

  1. In the Workbench, with a DTS open, click the Data Formulas tab.
  2. If the Data Formulas tab is not visible at the bottom of the main window, click the expand button at the bottom of the window ().
  3. Double-click the row of the invalid formula. The Edit Formula dialog box appears.

    The row numbers of invalid formulas appear as "X."

  4. Correct the invalid formula.

    The "?" in the formula indicates the invalid cell reference that requires editing.

    Note: Use Show Source Fields and Show Invalid Fields to compare the reference in the previous source to the reference in the new source.

    As you correct errors in formulas, the "?" is replaced by a valid numerical row reference.

    Note: Important! Edit any invalid references during the current session, before saving and closing the job. If you save and close the DTS without editing any invalid references, the Show Invalid Fields button is unavailable when you next open the DTS.

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