Execute Block

The Execute Block is a form of the Create Block that is only available if stored procedures are enabled in the Additional Parameters field on the Connection dialog of the Connector and the datastore contains stored procedures.

Use the Execute Block to view and use stored procedures, where each stored procedure is represented as an entity and each input parameter is represented as a field within that entity.

Note: For a database with a large number of tables and stored procedures, it is recommended that you limit the information returned to TIBCO Scribe® Online. Use the Additional Parameters and Object Filter fields on the Connection dialog for the Microsoft SQL Server Connector to specify the objects that should be returned from the database. See TIBCO Scribe® Online Connector For Microsoft SQL Server.

The Execute Block is like a Create Block, with the following differences:

Use the Execute Block when you want to run a stored procedure from within an Integration Map. For information about returning a complete data set from a stored procedure, see Native Query Block.

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