Troubleshooting The TIBCO Scribe® Online Agent

Scribe Agent Heartbeat Failure Message

If the TIBCO Scribe® Online Agent cannot connect to TIBCO Scribe® Online, you receive an email with the subject: Scribe Agent Heartbeat Failure.

The email outlines possible reasons for the Connection failure:

If you cannot determine why your Agent failed, see Viewing Execution History for a Solution that uses this Agent, contact your ISP, your System Administrator or TIBCO Scribe® Technical Support.

It is also possible that you may not have the correct ports open for your Agent. See the Check Ports In Agent Environment article in the TIBCO Community for information on verifying which ports are open.

TIBCO Scribe® Online Agent Upgrade Issues

TIBCO Scribe® Online automatically updates Agents as needed. If your Solutions are not running as expected, check the Agent status and History Logs. See Updating An Agent for more information.

In addition, check your log files for the AgentUpdateError.log. This file is generally only generated if there is a problem updating the TIBCO Scribe® Online Agent. The default location for logs is ..\Program Files (x86)\Scribe Software\TIBCO Scribe® Online Agent\logs .

If the AgentUpdateError.log exists, check the log to see if there is an obvious problem. If you cannot determine the problem, keep this log available and contact Scribe Online Technical Support.

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