Managing Connections

A Connector is a piece of software used to move data between specific applications using those applications' APIs. A Connection is the configuration of the parameters required by the Connector to connect to the datastore for a specific application.

For example, the Salesforce Connector connects to the Salesforce API to read and write data. The credentials that permit that Connector to communicate with the Salesforce API are stored in a Connection. Every Connection is named, to help you organize and track your TIBCO Scribe® Online Connections.

From the Connections page, you can view your current Connections, create new Connections, make changes to Connections, delete Connections that are no longer being used by TIBCO Scribe® Online, and reset metadata.

Connection Information

Connections Page

The Connections page displays the following information about each of the configured Connections for this Organization:

Field Definition



User-specified Connection name.


Connector type, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


A version of the Connection name prepended to the name of a field in the Source pane of the Fields tab in a Block and the field name in the Formula Editor for a Map. By default, this is the same as the Connection name, but with spaces and special characters removed.


Date the selected Connection configuration was first created.

Last Modified

Date the selected Connection configuration was first created.

Info Icon

Used in Solutions

Names of any Solutions using the selected Connection.



Configure a new Connection. See Adding A Connection.

Gear Menu


Modify the selected Connection. See Editing Connections.


Delete a Connection permanently from TIBCO Scribe® Online. You cannot delete a Connection that is in use by a Solution. See Deleting A Connection.

Reset Metadata

Drops and recreates the schema for the selected Connection's datastore. See Resetting Metadata.

OAuth Connections

Some connections where authentication tokens must be refreshed periodically, such as OAuth2 or Azure AD authentication flows, do not support simultaneous use of the connection by more than one process. This includes multiple Solutions of any type (Scheduled, Event, or Replication) running at the same time, using the same connection, when using a Cloud Agent or different On-Premise Agents.

If you are encountering connection errors, the following workaround options are to:

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