Lookup Tables

Use Lookup Tables to create links between associated values in your source and target data, such as a product name in the source and its product code in the target.

For example, your Inventory data source may have a field called Chocolate which is populated with picklist values of 1, 2 and 3, while the Candy data target has an equivalent field, but stores values of "Milk Chocolate", "Dark Chocolate", and "Bittersweet Chocolate" to represent the equivalent settings in that field. You can create a Lookup Table that maps the value of 1 or Chocolate in the source system to the value "Milk Chocolate" in the equivalent field in the target system:

Inventory Candy


Milk Chocolate


Dark Chocolate


Bittersweet Chocolate

Once you create a Lookup Table, you can use one of the Lookup Table functions to use a value in one data source to find its associated value in another data source:

From the Lookup Tables page you can: 

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