Connecting To An Insight Adapter

  1. Make sure that the adapter you want to use is installed. See the TIBCO Scribe® Insight Installation Guide or the Online Help for the adapter.
  2. In the Workbench, click View > Connections. The Connection Manager appears.
  3. Click New. The Add A Connection dialog box appears.
  4. Expand the Adapters node.
  5. Double-click the adapter you want and, if necessary, enter the required connection information.
  6. Click OK. The Connection Settings dialog box opens.
    • Until a connection is assigned a role, such as Target, you cannot modify the options on the DTS Connection Settings tab.
    • Connection names can be up to 32 characters long.
  7. When you are done selecting the connection settings, click Close. You return to the Add A Connection dialog box.
  8. Click Cancel. You return to the Connection Manager.
  9. Click Close.

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