TIBCO Scribe® Online Connector For SugarCRM

Use the TIBCO Scribe® Online Connector for SugarCRM to synchronize data between SugarCRM and other enterprise software. Possible use cases for the SugarCRM Connector include:

Connector Specifications

This Connector supports versions 10 and 11 of the SugarCRM REST API.


Agent Types

On Premise X
Cloud X

Replication Services


Integration Services

Source X
Target X

Migration Services

Source X
Target X


Integration X
Request-Reply X

Note:  This Connector is available from the TIBCO Scribe® Online Marketplace. See Marketplace TIBCO Scribe® Certified Connectors for more information.

Setup Considerations

Supported SugarCRM Editions

Supported SugarCRM Versions

SugarCRM Platform Restriction

Beginning in the SugarCRM Winter ‘18 release, the SugarCRM API is enforcing a rule that all custom platforms must be registered in each SugarCRM instance where the custom platform is used. The TIBCO Scribe® Connector for SugarCRM sends platform=SCRIBE, which must be registered. To add or update platforms via the User Interface, log into SugarCRM and navigate to Admin > Configure Platforms. See the SugarCRM Admin Guide page on Platforms: Configure API Platforms and the SugarCRM Platform Parameter Knowledge Base article.

Note: If SCRIBE is not registered as a platform in your SugarCRM instance, the SugarCRM Connector may not be able to access the SugarCRM API and Solutions using SugarCRM Connections will not execute.

Connection Considerations

TIBCO recommends creating a dedicated SugarCRM user for TIBCO Scribe® Online to use when connecting to SugarCRM.

Important: The SugarCRM Connection fails if any one of the configurations listed below is used. The failures are due to the SugarCRM limitation of only one Connection per user for each SugarCRM company.

The SugarCRM Connection fails if:

Selecting An Agent Type For SugarCRM

Refer to TIBCO Scribe® Online Agents for information on available Agent types and how to select the best Agent for your Solution.

Connecting To SugarCRM

Note: Best practice is to create Connections with credentials that limit permissions in the target system, following the principle of least privilege. Using Administrator level credentials in a Connection provides Administrator level access to the target system for TIBCO Scribe® Online users. Depending on the entities supported, a TIBCO Scribe® Online user could alter user accounts in the target system.

  1. Select More > Connections from the menu.
  2. From the Connections page select Add to open the Add a New Connection dialog.
  3. Select the Connector from the drop-down list in the Connection Type field, and then enter the following information for this Connection:
    • Name — This can be any meaningful name, up to 25 characters.
    • Alias — An alias for this Connection name. The alias is generated from the Connection name, and can be up to 25 characters. The Connection alias can include letters, numbers, and underscores. Spaces and special characters are not accepted. You can change the alias. For more information, see Connection Alias.
    • URL — URL of your SugarCRM account.
    • User — Username for the SugarCRM Admin user created for use with TIBCO Scribe® Online.
    • Password — Password for the SugarCRM Admin user created for use with TIBCO Scribe® Online.
  4. Select Test to ensure that the Agent can connect to your database. Be sure to test the Connection against all Agents that use this Connection. See Testing Connections.
  5. Select OK to save the Connection.

Metadata Notes


Connection metadata must have unique entity, relationship, and field names. If your Connection metadata has duplicate names, review the source system to determine if the duplicates can be renamed.

Document Support

Document support to move data into and out of SugarCRM is as follows:

Data Types

The SugarCRM Connector supports all data types for standard entities and Custom Objects, except the following types:



When inserting data into a field that is type MultiSelect, the source data must be an exact match for the selections available in the MultiSelect field in SugarCRM or the source data is ignored. Multiple selections must be separated by a comma and a space in the source data to be inserted into the target MultiSelect field.



Tags are user-created keywords to group data.


Creating And Updating

SugarCRM Connector As IS/MS Source

Consider the following when using the SugarCRM Connector as an IS/MS source.


When a datetime is configured on the Query Block on the Block Properties Net Change Tab to query for new and updated records, that configuration is treated as an additional filter. The Net Change datetime filter is applied as an AND after any other filters specified on the Block Properties Filter Tab. TIBCO Scribe® Online builds a query combining both the Net Change filter and the filters on the Filter tab. See Net Change And Filters for an example.

Some Connectors for TIBCO Scribe® Online only support one filter. For those Connectors you can use either Net Change or one filter on the Filter tab, not both.

Note: The Net Change date is ignored when previewing data on the Preview tab. Filters on the Block Properties Filters tab are used to filter the data on the Preview tab.


The \ symbol is not supported in filter values. Including the \ symbol generates errors similar to the following;

ERROR: Exception Type : FatalErrorException Message : Error: Response status code does not indicate success: 422 (Unprocessable Entity).. Could not retrieve page of data


Filtering is not supported for fields that are a related data type in SugarCRM. There are corresponding fields that can be used in filter to retrieve the same records. Review the field descriptions to determine which fields can be used for filtering. For example, the Contacts entity modified_by_name field is data type related and cannot be used as a filter. The description for the modified_by_name field indicates that the modified_user_id field should be used instead.

To view the description of a field, navigate to the Query Block Preview tab and select the Info icon . See Block Properties Preview Tab for additional information.


Filtering is not supported for Leads, Contacts, Prospects, Users, or Employees when using the following fields:

Note: To filter by name use the first_name and last_name fields instead of the name field.



Favorite And Following

Favorite and Following values can only be returned for the user configured in the Connection dialog. For example, if user John Doe has marked two Accounts as Favorites or Following, you must use his Username and Password on the Connection dialog in TIBCO Scribe® Online to retrieve that information when querying Accounts.

SugarCRM Connector As IS Target

Consider the following when using the SugarCRM Connector as an IS target.


The Update/Insert operation is not currently supported and may generate an error if added to a Map. Use the separate Update and Insert Blocks instead.

Batch Processing

When using SugarCRM with Batch processing, SugarCRM allows batches of up to 100 records. If you request processing in batches of 1000, TIBCO Scribe® Online creates 10 batches of 100 records each. See Batch Processing.

Batch Processing And Sugar On-Site

Batch Processing is supported with Sugar On-Site, but requires increasing the timeout settings in Sugar's PHP.ini file, as follows: 

  1. On the server where Sugar On-Site is installed, navigate to the C:/xampp/php directory.
  2. Using a text editor, open the PHP.ini file.
  3. Search for max_execution_time.
  4. Change the setting to the following: =300
  5. Save the updated PHP.ini file.

If the timeout settings are not increased, and you attempt to use Batch Processing, TIBCO Scribe® Online generates errors similar to the following: 

Solution Instance Name: Sugar CRM Beta Testing
Map Name: Insert Accounts
Source Entity: Accounts
Error title: Error in calling Operation Insert
Error description: Operation failed. Label: Insert Accounts, Name: AccountsInsert, Message: Operation failed during execution.
Error detail: Scribe.Core.ConnectorApi.Exceptions.FatalErrorException: Operation failed during execution. ---> System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. --->

Notes On Standard Entities


Filtering is not supported for this entity. All Activities are always returned.


This entity is not supported.


The Invitees field is not supported for this entity.


Filtering by the following fields is not supported:

To filter by name, use the first_name and last_name fields instead of the name field.



Use this entity to update the email opt_out field.


Filtering by the following fields is not supported:

To filter by name, use the first_name and last_name fields instead of the name field.


This entity is no longer supported by the SugarCRM API. Use the KBContents entity to access KBArticles data.


This entity is no longer supported by the SugarCRM API.


Filtering by the following fields is not supported:

To filter by name, use the first_name and last_name fields instead of the name field.


The Invitees field is not supported for this entity.


Filtering by the following fields is not supported:

To filter by name, use the first_name and last_name fields instead of the name field.


When processing Quotes using the SugarCRM Connector there are several requirements that should be taken into consideration as you build your integration. SugarCRM Quotes are more complex than the standard Quote Header and Quote Line Item entities used by many other applications.

Refer to the Creating Quotes With The Connector For SugarCRM Knowledge Base article for detailed information on creating Quotes.


Filtering is not supported for this entity. All users are always returned.

TIBCO Scribe® Online API Considerations

To create Connections with the TIBCO Scribe® Online API, the SugarCRM Connector requires the following information:

Connector Name


Connector ID


TIBCO Scribe® Online Connection Properties

In addition, this Connector uses the Connection properties shown in the following table.

Note: Connection property names are case-sensitive.

Name Data Type Required Secured Usage
















More Information

For additional information on this Connector, refer to the Knowledge Base and Discussions in the TIBCO Community.