Connection Manager

Use the Connection Manager to create and manage all the connections that are available on your system. After you create a connection, it can be used as either a source or target in any DTS on your system. Scribe DTS files move data from a source location to one or more target locations.

An Insight connection contains the login credentials and adapter settings required to connect to a data source. You can use connections to connect an Insight adapter, an ODBC data source, an OLE DB provider, or a Web Service.

You can open the Connection Manager from different locations in the Workbench:

Before you create a DTS file, consider which connections you need and plan your DTS requirements. TIBCO suggests that you create your connections, then select from the defined connections for your source or targets as you build the DTS file.

Usage codes in the Connection Manager indicate the role each connection serves in the DTS.

Usage Description


Connection is not used in the current DTS or in any formulas that this DTS uses. This connection may be used in another DTS.

O Connection is used in a formula, but is not a source or target connection for this DTS.


Connection is used for rejected rows for this DTS.


Source connection for this DTS.


Target connection for this DTS.


Any connection that you use in a formula and that is neither a Source nor in the Rejected Row table must be added to the DTS as a Target.

When creating and managing connections, you can use the Connection Manager to:

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