Queue Integration Process Settings

Queue Integration Process (IP) settings use a Unique Message Identification to determine whether or not to process a message. When defining a Queue IP, keep in mind:

Set queue IP settings

  1. Define in Message Identification the criteria that identify incoming messages that need to be processed.
  2. Each Queue IP must contain unique values for each field.
  3. Click Browse to navigate to a schema file.
  4. Click Open to view the specified schema file.

    Note: If one message meets the criteria for more than one Queue IP, it is retrieved by the process that includes message label in its Unique Message Identifier.

    If no process includes message label, the message is retrieved by the process that includes the Scribe label in its Unique Message Identifier, followed by XML schema, and finally by the XML root node name.

  5. On the On Success tab, specify the actions to take when message processing succeeds:
  6. On the On Retry tab, specify how many times to retry a message before moving it to the queue specified in the On Failure tab.
  7. On the On Failure tab, specify how to manage a message after it has retried and failed the specified number of times. Similar to On Success, but allows you to move a message to more than one queue.

    Note: A technique to consider is to forward the message back to the Input queue with a different label. You can then use another IP to retrieve the message from the Input queue to process errors and undo incomplete changes (sometimes referred to as a "compensating transaction").

  8. In the Message label and Scribe label fields, specify the labels to apply. If you do not specify new labels and put the message back into the Scribe Input queue, the message is retrieved by the same IP.

    Specify a double quotation mark (") to keep the existing value. 

    Note: If you forward the message back to the Scribe Input queue, the message can be retrieved by another IP.

  9. Optionally, select in Message Priority the priority to be applied to this message. Priority ranges from 0 (lowest) to 7 (highest). To change the priority from the default setting (Keep Original), select a priority level from the drop-down list.
  10. When defining Queue IP settings, keep in mind:

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