Introduction to Workbench

Workbench uses a familiar spreadsheet-style interface to define data processing rules, field mappings, and transformation information.

Workbench is divided into three main sections: Source pane, Target pane, and Links pane. Sort data in these panes by clicking the column headers.

Source pane

After you create and configure a source connection, the source fields display in the Source pane along with the following information:

Column Definition
Link If a link exists between this source field and a target field, the Link column has a checkmark ().
Ref Insight automatically assigns a reference number to every source data object.

This number always starts with an "S,". It defines the default sort or order and is used in formulas in place of the field name. 

In the Formula Editor, hovering your mouse over a field reference value displays the source field name as a tooltip.

Field Name Name of the field.
Type/Length Data type and maximum length of this field

Target pane

After you create and configure one or more target connections, the Target pane displays the target fields and related information:

Column Definition
Link Type of link between a Source and Step field.
Index Type of index on a Step field.
Target If there are multiple targets, the name of the Target connection.
Step Name If there are multiple steps, the name of this step from the Step Order pane of the Configure Steps dialog box.
Step Field Name of the field in the target.
Type/Length Data type and maximum length of this field.
<View All Connections> Drop-down list of connections displayed when the DTS file contains multiple connections. Filter by a specific connection or select View All Connections to display the entire DTS.
<View All Steps> Drop-down list of steps displayed when the DTS contains multiple steps. Filter by a specific step or select View All Steps to display the entire DTS.

Note: The Target and Step Name columns appear only if there are multiple targets or steps in this DTS.

Links pane

At the bottom of Workbench, the Links pane contains three tabs to allow you to view and configure:

Tab Definition
Links Displays selected lookup and data links in a graphical format.
Data Formulas Displays the linked sources and targets, along with any formulas for the links in this DTS or for the selected connection or step. Double-clicking a row opens the formula editor.
Lookup Criteria Displays detailed information about the lookup links for this DTS or for the selected connection or step.

Note: If these tabs do not display, click the Expand button ()at the bottom of the Workbench window.