XML File Connection Options

With an XML connection, there are two types of file connections:

To configure a file connection

  1. For each file option, specify a schema file, a source document, or both.

    Typically, select a Source Document File that references the schema that you want to use. In this scenario, the Schema file or URL text box defaults to the same file.

    If you prefer to browse for or specify a schema file, the source document that you also select must conform to the schema file's constraints.

    Dynamic connections can use a local "Sample" source document, as the actual source is unknown when you are configuring this wizard. As with a Persisted connection, this Sample document must conform to the schema file's constraints. You can leave the Sample Source Document File box blank if necessary.

  2. After you populate both text boxes, click Next to finish the wizard. The final wizard window summarizes your selections.
  3. Click Back to change the selections, or click Finish to close the wizard.

Next, the Workbench's Configure Source XML Component dialog box opens, allowing you to configure the source side of your data translation specification ( DTS) files (*.dts), which load data from a source database to a target database.

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