TIBCO Scribe® Online Text File As Target

TIBCO Scribe® Online allows you to create a target Connection to one or more text files. Target Connections can be made to text files in Local Directories, and on the following servers: FTP (unencrypted), FTPS (encrypted using SSL), SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can then use the Text File as Target Connection to integrate data from a datastore such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce to a text or csv file.

Source and target text Connections must be configured separately. See TIBCO Scribe® Online Text File As Source.

Setup Overview

Connector Specifications


Agent Types

On Premise X
Cloud X

Replication Services


Integration Services

Source X
Target X

Migration Services

Source X


Integration X
Request-Reply X

Note: The Cloud Agent can only be used with the Text Connector when both the source and target text files are stored in a cloud based location, such as DropBox, OneDrive, or any of the FTP location options.

Selecting An Agent Type For Text as Target

Refer to TIBCO Scribe® Online Agents for information on available Agent types and how to select the best Agent for your Solution.

Text Connector As IS Target

Consider the following when using the Text Connector as an Integration Solution target.

Comment Rows

Any row of data that begins with a hash (#) is considered a comment and ignored.

Features Not Supported

The following features are not available for Maps that use a Text File as Target Connection:

TIBCO Scribe® Online API Considerations

The TIBCO Scribe® Online API does not support creating Text File as Target Connections.

License Agreement

The TIBCO Scribe® Online End User License Agreement for the Text as a Target Connector describes TIBCO and your legal obligations and requirements. TIBCO suggests that you read the End User License Agreement.

Additional Information

Configuring Text File As Target Connection

Source Or Target Text File Requirements

TIBCO Scribe® Online Text File As Source

Providing Access To Local Text Files

Text Connector DateTime Formats