TIBCO Scribe® Online Text File As Source

TIBCO Scribe® Online allows you to create a source Connection to one or more text files. Source Connections can be made to text files in Local Directories, and on the following servers: FTP (unencrypted), FTPS (encrypted using SSL), SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), Dropbox, and OneDrive. You can then use the text Connection to integrate data into a target datastore, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce. Using text files as a source also allows you to test Solutions, Maps and formulas with a small, controllable amount of data. When you are done troubleshooting Solutions, switch to a different source Connection and process larger amounts of data.

Source and target text Connections must be configured separately. See TIBCO Scribe® Online Text File As Target.

Setup Overview

Connector Specifications


Agent Types

On Premise X
Cloud X

Replication Services


Integration Services

Source X
Target X

Migration Services

Source X


Integration X
Request-Reply X

Note: The Cloud Agent can only be used with the Text Connector when both the source and target text files are stored in a cloud based location, such as DropBox, OneDrive, or any of the FTP location options.

Selecting An Agent Type For Text File As Source

Refer to TIBCO Scribe® Online Agents for information on available Agent types and how to select the best Agent for your Solution.

Text File Connector As IS or MS Source

Consider the following when using the Text Connector as an Integration Solution or Migration Solution or MS Source.

Empty Location

When a Solution configured to process source text files cannot find any files in the configured location, the Solution executes successfully with 0 records processed. This is intentional because in situations where an external system generates text files to be processed by a scheduled Integration Solution, there may be times when no files have been generated. The Solution continues to execute according to its configured schedule, but has no records to process. For example, if the external system only generates text files when new records are created, and the prior execution of the Solution moves processed files to a different location, then the source folder would be empty.

Comment Rows

Any row of data that begins with a hash (#) is considered a comment and ignored.

Features Not supported

The following features are not available for Maps that use a Text File as Source Connection:

Data Type Mismatch Source And Target Text Data Exception

In general, when a data type mismatch occurs between your source and target data, TIBCO Scribe® Online generates a record error. However, if you are mapping Text File as Source data to Text File as Target and there is a data type mismatch, TIBCO Scribe® Online inserts a value of NULL into the mismatched target column.

Fetch Operation

Text File as Source supports Fetch operations. In this case, Fetch does not require a filter. Use Fetch to retrieve and process multiple records, returning all records. See Fetch Block for more information.

Lookup Operation

The Lookup Block is not supported for the Text File As A Source Connector.

TIBCO Scribe® Online API Considerations

The TIBCO Scribe® Online API does not support creating Text File as Source Connections.

License Agreement

The TIBCO Scribe® Online End User License Agreement for the Text as a Source Connector describes TIBCO and your legal obligations and requirements. TIBCO suggests that you read the End User License Agreement.

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